Best Weight Lifting Straps

Best Weight Lifting Straps: Lifting Straps. I see people use lifting straps incorrectly all the time, and I used to be a member of that sad group myself. When used correctly these are a very useful too…

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25 thoughts on “Best Weight Lifting Straps

  1. Darin Starr

    Glad you found it useful! Yes it’s amazing how wrong some people can be, and yet be so adamant that they are right.

  2. SexyDymeLady

    This video is soooo helpful! I bought straps and had no idea how to use them! The guys in the gym are using them wrong! LoL

  3. Christopher McCoy

    Wow. I’m really glad I watched this video! I just got some lifting straps and would have used them about as wrong as you can! Thanks!

  4. Darin Starr

    It’s a tool, and like all tools there is a time and a place to use it. I do as many sets as possible without assistance, but when the grip goes, it goes – and if I’m not done with my sets I’m going to use straps rather than lose my grip, partially drop half the bar, and potentially hurt something. The only absolute rule is that there are no absolute rules.

  5. Scott Nolan

    Wrong, never use straps. He says he has dainty hands, so did I. But after deadlifting for a few months I was perfectly fine. What man doesn’t want tough hands? You don’t want to worry about your grip while deadlifting? That’s easily the best way to get a stronger grip. I’m not trying to bash just because y’all don’t know any better but there are much better ways to do any I’d tits

  6. Darin Starr

    Thanks Jeroen – in my experience going with a mixed grip like that negates the need for straps. I don’t do it often myself and there’s certainly nothing wrong with using straps with that grip, but I don’t think you’ll find it helps tremendously.

  7. Jeroen Stadhouders

    Do you also recommend using them if you are using one hand underhand and one hand overhand grip, like with heavy deadlifts? Or do you think i won’t need the reverse grip thing when i am using straps? Nice and clear vid btw

  8. ripjaa

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  9. Cosmic Marvelz

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  10. Darin Starr

    Harbinger makes decent ones like what I used in this video – they are cheap and effective. Better ones are available, but don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!

  11. FAnimaniac

    hey i got rly shitty weightlifting straps they arent even long enough and its all national sports had, what brand would you reccommend I buy, I’ll get them online thanks.

  12. TheBoss2288

    Do straps eff up ur wrist? I mean dont they put the stress on it by pulling wrist witht he straps???

  13. Darin Starr

    It’s a lot harder, for sure. They key is to keep it super loose until it’s time to cinch up tight, then try to do that in as few moves as possible. A lat pulldown bar with padded grips is a similar story. It depends on what kind of padding as well, if it’s smooth rubber it’s going to be a pain in the ass, no 2 ways about it.

  14. datott

    Thank you for this video. Just bought a pair of straps (for the first time) and had no idea how to use them, You saved me. Thanks!

  15. brandon chambers

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